GensearchHIV is a DNA sequence analysis software dedicated to prediction of HIV resistance using the French public ANRS algorithm.

GensearchHIV has been developed in close collaboration with the HIV laboratory of the French University Hospital CHU Bichat, Paris. It allows to analyse DNA sequences from HIV-1 (rt, prot, gp41hr1, gp120, integrase) and HIV-2 (protA, protB, rtA, rtB) and interprets the detected mutations according to the latest algorithms published by the ANRS.

GensearchHIV is not linked to any manufacturer's chemicals or primers: the user is free to select his supplier and use the proposed procedures of the ANRS.

GensearchHIV also links to public online interpretation tools to help identify the subtype as well as its tropism (see our Links section to access these public tools
We have also published a first demo video which quickly goes through the process of analysis, interpretation and storage of the result of a DNA analysis, you can find the video in the Tutorials section of our website.

Some publications:

High level of APOBEC3F/3G editing in HIV-2 DNA vif and pol sequences from antiretroviral-naive patients.
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AIDS:14 January 2013 - Volume 27 - Issue 2 - p 292–295 doi: 10.1097/QAD.0b013e32835b8bbd Research Letters

Prevalence of subtype-related polymorphisms associated with in vitro resistance to attachment inhibitor BMS-626529 in HIV-1 ‘non-B’-infected patients
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