Oracle has decided to change its licensing model with the end of Java 8: Java support roadmap info here.

If you are using Gensearch, you are not impacted by this change, as the Software is compiled to native code by us, and thus includes the relevant Java run-time packages, you don't need to even have Java installed on your machine.

If you are using GensearchNGS you either have opted for a native compiled version for Windows OS, in this case you are also not impacted by this change. The native compiled version has two disadvantages: you can't update it by using the built-in update system, and the native version runs only on single CPU systems, not servers or high-end Desktops with dual-CPUs.

In case you are using GensearchNGS as a Java class package (jar file) on a locally installed Java run-time, Oracle offers a license free drop in replacement with OpenJDK:

Info about Oracle releases for Java 11 and later here.

This OpenJDK JRE is functionally identical to the now license fee covered Oracle JDK (minus a few 'Enterprise' functionalities that are not used by GensearchNGS and thus not relevant in our case).

You can download the free drop-in replacement, OpenJDK 11 LTS (long term support) at the following link:

Download links for Java 11 here.

It will also explain you the installation process.