This paper describes a method to detect a long (around 350kb) homozygous inversion by WGS using GensearchNGS.


You can find the work published here:

Homozygous Inversion on Chromosome 13 Involving SGCG Detected by Short Read Whole Genome Sequencing in a Patient Suffering from Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy
Authors: Natalie Pluta, Sabine Hoffjan, Frederic Zimmer, Cornelia Köhler, Thomas Lücke, Jennifer Mohr, Matthias Vorgerd, Hoa Huu Phuc Nguyen, David Atlan, Beat Wolf, Ann-Kathrin Zaum and Simone Rost
Publication: Genes 2022, 13(10), 1752;