GensearchNGS is an integrated software solution for the analysis of DNA-Seq data from commonly used NGS equipments such as Illumina, Ion Torrent, Roche/454, and Proton. It has been designed and developed in close collaboration with leading accredited diagnostics groups in Europe and with the support of the NMDchip FP7 project. GensearchNGS is used in many diagnostics and research laboratories across Europe, on human genome, as well as certain viral, bacterial and plant genomes. It requires no bio-informatics training.

Screen shots:

GensearchNGS screenshot 1 GensearchNGS screenshot 2 GensearchNGS screenshot 3 GensearchNGS screenshot 4 GensearchNGS screenshot 5

It integrates all the steps from importing and filtering sequence reads, bar code splitting, alignment, variant detection and annotation to the final report of detected variants. Variants can be annotated with various public and private data sources (Ensembl, Alamut, NCBI,...) They can be filtered by logical combinations between samples for family studies.

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Main features:

  • User friendly software for resequencing NGS projects in a diagnostic setting, running on Windows, Linux and MacOS systems.
  • Connects to variant interpretation tools, and databases such as: Ensembl, dbSNP, Alamut, Clinvar, Wiki Pathways,Gene Ontology.
  • Filter variants across samples (e.g. variants common to several samples or exclude variants of one sample from another).
  • Patient centric database system to manage sequence data and validated variants.
  • Customisation possible to export data into your laboratory management system.
  • Possibility to publish your variants on Clinvar.
  • Developed together with accredited laboratories.
  • For larger projects (WES/WGS): possibility to use multiple PCs in parallel.
  • Plugin technology: alignment with our proprietary or public algorithms such as Bowtie, BWA or Stampy.
  • Annotation and filtering with HPO, OMIM and Orphanet descriptors and codes, helpful when fishing for mutations in whole exomes or whole genomes.
  • Tools to analyse coverage and detect CNV*).
  • Tools to analyse trios and more samples from the same family*).
  • Sanger validation step: you can attach to patients in the database and visualise amplicons sequenced with a capillary sequencer to validate that the NGS detected variant is indeed not an artefact.
  • Various features related to SARS-CoV2 analysis, see our application note.
  • RNAseq and DNAmeth data analysis*).

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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IonTorrent: high throughput sequencing in a diagnostic laboratory
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Conference: European Human Genetics Conference 2013

Store, align and explore your genome outside the Cloud, at home, on your PC
Authors: P. Kuonen, B. Wolf, JT den Dunnen, D.Atlan, T. Dandekar
Conference: European Human Genetics Conference 2013

Nail-Patella Syndrome: evidence for genetic heterogeneity (Poster 01.021)
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Application of targeted next-generation sequencing for molecular diagnostics of Malignant Hyperthermia and Central Core Disease (Poster P-ClinG-087)
Authors: Kleinschnitz I., Bach J.E., Rost S., Gehrig A., Müller C.R.
Conference: GfH Jahrestagung, 2013

NGS goes diagnostics: Multiplex analysis of genes for limb-girdle muscular dystrophies (Poster P-ClinG-045)
Authors: Bach J.E., Rost S., Gehrig A., Kress W., Müller C.R.
Conference: GfH Jahrestagung, 2013

Screening of muscular disease genes with the Access Array System of Fluidigm and Roche’s GS Junior
Authors: J. E. Bach, S. Rost, A. Gehrig, C. R. Müller
Conference: European Human Genetics Conference 2012

IonTorrent: 2nd generation sequencing in a diagnostic laboratory 
Authors: B. Dworniczak, S. Fleige-Menzen, N. Bogdanova-Markov, P. Pennekamp
Conference: European Human Genetics Conference 2012

*) under development.